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Our Fish

Owing to limited web space and constantly changing stock, it is not possible to show pictures of all the fish we currently have in stock at Coldwater Kingdom.


We try to keep a variety of coldwater fish in stock, however, as we are operating from home, space is somewhat limited. This means that we cannot keep large numbers of  every kind of fish with all the varying sizes.


What we do offer is a selection of pond fish to give you a reasonable choice on type and size of fish at a competetive price. We will also try to give you some discount on purchases involving more than just one fish. These discounts obviously depend on the original price and quantity of  fish purchased.


All fish come with a 14 day guarantee, effective from point of sale. This is way above most retail outlets, who will only give a 48 hour guarantee, however,  similar to these outlets, a sample of your pond water and the return of any affected fish may be required.


If you would like pictures or more information on our current stock, please use the contact us page to submit your request. Please give as much information as possible on the type of fish you are looking for. This will prevent us sending large files of pictures which will take ages to download, only for you to find it is not what you were looking for.

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