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We offer a holiday pond sitting service to allow you to relax and enjoy your break whilst we look after things at home. Instead of hoping that your well intentioned friend or neighbour is coping in your absence, you can use this service for peace of mind. We will feed the fish as well as ensuring pumps and filters are woking and water levels are maintained. The cost of this sevice is dependant on location and length of cover required. Please contact us for a quotation

Using our powerful pond vacuum cleaner we can remove unwanted debris from your pond. Items such as uneaten food, algae, fish waste, leaves and plant stems can all be removed before they begin to decay and seriously affect the quality of the water. We have even removed sweet and crisp wrappers from fish ponds. Imagine the effect these items would have if they got caught in a pump intake or a bottom drain. The cost of this service is dependant on the size, condition and location of the pond. Please contact us for a quotation.



Our water testing service will help you maintain optimum water conditions for your fish. We test for pH, Ammonia and Nitrite, these are considered to be the most vital elements in water quality. The results of your sample will be shown against the recommended values, this will allow you to see how close to the recommended values your water is. We also provide information sheets to help  you get your water back to optimum levels. The cost of this service is £3:00 per sample

Coldwater Kingdom also offer a host of sevices to help you with your fish keeping. You will find more details below, however, should you require any further information, please use the details on our contacts page to ask any further questions.

Water Testing

Pond Cleaning

Home Visits

Holiday Pond Sitting

If you are having problems with your pond we can arrange to come to your home to see if we can offer any help and advice. The cost of this service is dependant on location. Please contact us for a quotation